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  " CHINUA " as the kennel of Champions exists since 1988 and all over again specialized on the Afghanhounds.

It were very beautiful and successful Afghanhounds.

Merge of the first letters of my surname "Chernova" and names of my first  Champion female afghanhoun "NUARE"  gave a name to kennel " CHINUA ".

The first Shih-Tzus have appeared in my house in 1994. I hah been imported four dogs, carriers unique lines of Champions of England, France, Germany, Holland and America, descendants well-known Multi and Inter. Champions, which distances perfect posterity.

  For the period 1995 – 2003 the kennel showed the Shih-Tzus more than at 70 international exhibitions of a various rank.


Four dogs are prize-winners
of World   Dog   and  EuroDog  Show.
Not superfluous will note, that it is a unique case, when rings at exhibitions so a high rank won dogs of breed a shih-tzu of the Russian   cultivation.
And I am proud, that these dogs
were born in my CHINUA kennel.

           On exhibitions by dogs of kennel it has been received more than 90 prize-winning rummers, about 400 titles, from them:

    10 - International Champions,

   7 - Candidates for International Champions,

5 - National Champions,
five two dogs have received this title twice. 

        5 - Grandee of Champions,

Dogs of kennel have:
75 Championships
of the Various countries,

 6 times BISS - the Best dog of the Special. exhibition,

 10 times BIS - the Best dog of the exhibition,

 7 times R.BIS - the Reserve Winner of the exhibition

26 times BIG - the Best dog in  Group

 9 times R.BIG - the Reserve Winner of Group

66 times BOB - the Best Representative of Breed

90 times BOS - the Best in Breed in sex
CACIB – more than 60,
CAC – more than 120.

Twice Best  PAIR the exhibition.

The best Breeding Group.

  The kennel keeps a title « the Best Kennel » the Shih-Tzu of Russia eight years and has been twice recognized as “ the Best kennel “ among all breeds at the largest international exhibitions.

     The Shih-Tzu of kennel not only possess irreproachable anatomy, a magnificent wool and magnificent temperament, but also give excellent competitive posterity. The dogs got and our kennel, successfully continue victorious procession on rings of Europe: in Finland, Latvia, Estonia, Moldova, Belarus, Georgia, in Ukraine, etc.

   Each of my lovely Shih-Tzus is a delicate and correct friend, the person, a medicine for the stresses, the come to life legend, an alive toy, a magnificent ornament of an interior of any house - all at once in one wonderful small a doggie.

  The Shih-Tzu possesses the surprising, magnificent aura distributing around of a pacification. She furl a warm, cosy lump in depth of your heart and all life will heat your soul, lighting up her, only to her inherent light of goods and rest. As soon as this small essence will cross a threshold of your house, you doubts abandon, disappointments, a rage and grief.

   The Shih-Tzu will surprise and move you endlessly, representing grown wise with experience of long years of a life an old, acute dog suddenly will turn in the come to life soft toy which just does not dance “ ROCK “N” ROLL”. Possessing famous feeling of a step, she precisely knows when, where also whom her to be. She never will be mistaken and will not disappoint you. Not for nothing so popularity of this breed in the world is great.

It is an elixir as a hobby about which existence you maybe and do not suspect!

     National Club of the Shih-Tzu     


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